Making America Sane Again

Article author: 
Jack Cashill
Article date: 
3 December 2016
Article category: 
National News
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In the three-plus weeks since the election I have had some twenty or thirty conversations with other Trump voters, some in person, some by phone, all of them out of earshot of our sensitive Democratic friends.

Although my evidence is entirely anecdotal, my sample has been diverse enough for me to feel confident in rejecting the consensus of the chattering classes on the reasons behind Donald Trump’s surprise victory...

Trump’s public message was make America great again. The quiet message was make America sane again.

Person after person with whom I have spoken, young or old, marginal or affluent, have almost immediately spoken of the relief they felt in having the weight of political correctness lifted from their shoulders.

They feared, as did I, that a Clinton victory would fully institutionalize the insanity of the PC regime. Its henchmen—no. not henchpeople, henchmen—would feel free to move beyond shaming to suing, fining, even imprisoning.

They identified the major media as the vehicle through which the progressive elite established and enforced its forever changing norms, and they despised the media for their complicity...

... cut off from the power to enforce their madness, progressives will seem more irrelevant and even more absurd...

A week before Trump announced his candidacy, I wrote in this column, “The Republican nominee for president will be that candidate who best learns that there is no future in apologizing.”

The only way to beat the left,” I added, “is to stand your ground, to not apologize for yourself or for your political allies, even those less verbally adroit.”

Donald Trump intuited his way to a winning strategy. It had something to do with economics, but it had a lot to do with common sense.



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