Mass Muslim migration is destroying Italy, too

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Bare Naked Islam
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23 June 2021
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National News
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By 2050, a third of Italy’s population will be made up of foreigners (mostly Muslims), according to a UN report. Italian think-tank Fondazione Fare Futuro predicts that due to mass migration and the different birthrates of Christians and Muslims, half of Italy’s population likely will be Muslim by the end of the century. In just ten years, the number of Muslim migrants in Italy has surged by 419%.
RAIR Foundation Italy goes to great lengths to protect its socialist and sanitized reconstruction of Islam created for Western consumption, while it is  welcoming Muslim migrants who believe in murdering young women if they refuse to marry the mate chosen by their parents....
The Daily Mail has sparked a fierce backlash after publishing  Muslim author Ed Hussain’s list of towns it considers to be ‘no-go areas for white people.’ The piece noted several locations including Bradford, Blackburn and Dewsbury; Didsbury, Cardiff, Edinburgh and more as places where families live under “Taliban-like rules” and women “can’t leave the home without permission.”...

Did you know that in UK schools, destroying a quran is now considered to be an act of ‘terrorism?’, Bare Naked Islam, June 21, 2021: