McCarthy’s Wall Bill Vital—Immigrants Took Three-Quarters Of September’s New Jobs; New Illegal Surge Developing

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Edwin S. Rubenstein
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10 October 2018
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Our American Future
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Finally, GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says he will introduce a bill next week to fully fund President Trump’s border wall—with no Amnesty attached [Give Us The Wall: House GOP Plans Full Blown Legislative Assault On Illegal Immigration, by Matt Vespa,, October 9, 2018]. Not a moment too soon. September’s jobs data released shows that the “Trump Effect,” parrying immigration through a combination of jawboning and administrative tightening, has again flickered out—immigrants, legal and illegal, seized three-quarters of the month’s new jobs and the immigrant population soared by 1.5 million over the year, far in excess of estimated legal immigration and evidence that a new illegal surge is developing.

As usual, you wouldn’t know this from conventional commentary. The unemployment rate fell to nearly a 50-year low (3.7%), and employment rose for the 96th straight month....

The Border Patrol has a bad habit of releasing monthly crossings data some time after the jobs data comes out (although we delayed to report both together last month—they were bad). September border crossings data are not yet available, although anecdotal evidence suggests the trend is terrible....

Relative to their immigrant competitors, September and August were dismal months for native-born Americans. While accounting for 82% of all workers in September, native-born workers received less than one-quarter of jobs created that month. In August they lost jobs while immigrants gained them....