Media bias: Debate Disgrace: Fox News Exposed as Pro-Rubio Super PAC

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John Nolte
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4 March 2016
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National News
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Another Fox News debate, another two hours of proof that the “fair and balanced” network is nothing more than a super PAC for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who, by the way, had a terrible night. In their naked pursuit of Donald Trump’s scalp, moderators Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Megyn Kelly used every cheap trick in the book.

None of the other candidates faced dramatic graphics. Trump did. None of the other candidates faced video of past statements.* Trump did.

Trump was never asked to attack his rivals. On at least three occasions, Trump’s rivals were invited to attack him...

    WALLACE: Senator Rubio … Please tell Mr. Trump why he’s unprepared to be commander-in- chief.

On a number of occasions, Wallace and Kelly tossed off their roles as moderators to actually debate Trump, in the hopes of tripping him up or cornering him. As bad as the mainstream media has been to Republican presidential candidates over the years, I have never seen anything like this.

This is just one of those exchanges. Here Kelly compares Trump to a con man and Bernie Madoff!...

There were two unbelievable moments even lower than that. The first came from Kelly, who used leaked reports and unsubstantiated rumors surrounding an off-the-record interview Trump supposedly had with the left-wing New York Times...

Near the end of the debate, Fox News became a parody of itself by airing the last 30 seconds or so of this anti-Trump ad from the John Kasich campaign...


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The 2016 GOP Debate Debacle, Michelle Malkin, March 2, 2016:

When the dust settles on this wild and wacky GOP primary season, there will be at least one clear Biggest Loser: the Republican National Committee.

After 2012, when liberal journalists routinely hijacked the party’s 20 televised debates while cashing in on ratings and advertising revenue, the RNC resolved to change narrative-surrendering business as usual.

There would be no more cable TV anchors belligerently taking President Obama’s side while arguing with the GOP nominee (as Candy Crowley infamously did with Mitt Romney over Benghazi).

There would be no more former Democratic operatives-turned journalists injecting their left-wing social agenda into GOP primary forums (as Clinton adviser-turned-ABC newsman George Stephanopoulous did...

RNC chairman Reince Priebus declared in 2014 after the committee adopted measures to reassert control over the process: “The liberal media doesn’t deserve to be in the driver’s seat.”

How’s that working out? It’s the same old, same old...

The obvious, effective solution is to wrest control from mainstream media networks and hold debates sponsored by conservative media outlets with conservative journalists and broadcast/simulcast on neutral ground (hello, C-SPAN!). The RNC had one such debate in the works, but abandoned the idea last month...

CAIRCO Note: It is clearly obvious that the corrupt RNC donor class does not want neutral debates with conservative media outlets. They are ecstatic that Trump is being attacked on all fronts by biased and unprincipled debate moderators.


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