Media Ignore Americans Killed by Illegal Alien 'DREAMers'

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Tony Lee
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Article date: 
27 August 2013
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National News
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An illegal alien brutally murdered Laura Wilkerson's 18-year-old son in Texas, tied his body up, and then doused him with gasoline before burning him.

Wilkerson recalled the harrowing details on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, yet her story has gone unheard in the broader press.

Maria Espinoza, the director of the Remembrance project that memorializes Americans who were killed by illegal immigrants [aliens], told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that such crimes "happen every day" in America, even in states far from the border. But the mainstream media, Espinoza said, often do not report on illegal immigrants who have murdered Americans in states like Virginia, Tennessee, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington.

Espinoza said incidents remain local ones and are "shared" and actually suppressed.

"We don't even hear the person was here illegally in the country," she said...

Wilkerson would later find out that an illegal alien, who would have been eligible for citizenship under the DREAM Act, brutally murdered her son after he offered to give him a ride home. ..

Espinoza said such crimes were 100% preventable if the nation's immigration laws are enforced...

Wilkerson emphasized that the country had to "enforce the laws that are in place and secure the border" so even illegal alien criminals who are deported are not able to just walk back into the country because "our borders are open."...

...Wilkerson said the illegal alien who murdered her son had "more rights than he did." Because the illegal alien lived in a so-called sanctuary city, Wilkerson recalled that police could not even ask him the immigration status of his parents when they arrested him.

"I don't understand it at all," Wilkerson said.