Men and the Future of America

Article author: 
Thomas D. Klingenstein
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American Mind
Article date: 
6 February 2022
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Our American Future
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Senator Josh Hawley recently gave a much commented upon speech on the virtues of masculinity. It was a very fine speech; indeed, it may have been one of the most significant senatorial speeches of his generation.

Hawley understands that the traditional traits of masculinity—stoicism, competitiveness, conquest, achievement and aggression—are good and necessary for a self-governing society, as long as they are channeled into behaviors, such as productive work and providing for a family, that serve the common good. He also knows that if these natural traits are suppressed they get channeled into dysfunctional behaviors...

As good speeches do, his speech surprised his listeners. We no longer hear talk about manliness in public. The radical left, whom I call the “woke communists,” have forbidden it... The woke comms are determined to destroy traditional sex roles as part of their project to destroy America. Hawley’s speech on masculinity must be understood in this larger context.

Woke communism defines a growing totalitarian regime composed of a loose partnership of the administrative state, the Democratic Party (which has been taken over by the woke comms), and the cultural-business complex. The riots of 2020 are a good example of woke communism in action....

Like all totalitarian ideologies, woke communism is self-righteous and intolerant, built on lies and the silencing of those who challenge the lies. The woke comms decide what is true and what is false; indeed, the woke comm regime seeks to abolish the capacity for distinguishing between truth and falsehood. Woke communism has a scapegoat (white males, whom the woke comms say oppress all minority groups) and a utopian vision of society, one where there are equal outcomes for all identity groups in every area of human life. This is the woke communist vision of a just society, which they call “social justice.”...

For the woke comms to achieve outcome equality they must destroy the American way of life and all that it stands for....

Senator Josh Hawley: “The Future of the American Man” - National Conservatism Conference II