Mexican cartels poisoning US national parks through hidden pot growing operations: report

Article author: 
Danielle Wallace
Article publisher: 
Fox News
Article date: 
13 November 2019
Article category: 
National News
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Mexican cartel members – who for years have carried out large scale, hidden pot-growing operations in U.S. national parks in California – are poisoning water and wildlife through the use of illegal pesticides banned by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a new report published Tuesday.

Two Mexican nationals and suspected cartel members were arrested in September during a raid on an illegal marijuana operation hidden beneath the thick tree canopies in California's Shasta-Trinity National Forest ...

Though California’s national parks have been plagued by illegal pot-growing operations in the past, some of which were operated by hippies, the cartel operations are usually larger scale, well organized and use heavy-duty, illegal poisons to more vigilantly protect their cash crop from rodents and insects ...

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