Mexican consulates: 'We will defend firmly the rights of Mexican citizens' in U.S.

Article author: 
Grace Wyler
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Orange County Register
Article date: 
11 November 2016
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National News
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Donald Trump said this week that he has three front-burner priorities when he gets into office in late January -- job creation, revoking at least some elements of Obamacare, and cracking down on undocumented immigrants.

“We're looking very strongly at immigration,” Trump told reporters covering his first visit to the White House. “We’re going to look at the borders.” ...

Those plans, if enacted, could dramatically re-shape California ...

In interviews this week, Mexican Consul Generals Mario Cuevas of Santa Ana and Salomón Rosas of San Bernardino said, in the wake of Trump’s win, their offices are continuing a push to turn legal Mexican residents into U.S. citizens and helping others figure out what to do next ...