Mexico gives African migrants 20-day pass to get to U.S. border

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Somalis, Ethiopians, 'everyone knows it's a free for all'
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Leo Hohman
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World Net Daily
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19 January 2017
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National News
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Migrants from Africa, Haiti and the Middle East are swarming across the border in a mad dash that is being facilitated by Mexican officials, according to new reports.

The flow has been increasing ever since the election of Donald Trump on Nov. 8, border agents tell WND.

The U.S. has been taking in between 70,000 and 110,000 legal refugees per year from dozens of countries including up to 10,000 a year from Somalia and more than 12,000 a year from Syria...

Dozens are reportedly finding their way to the U.S.-Mexican border illegally every day.

Think Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Haiti, Pakistan and Sudan.

According to an article in the Saudi Gazette, Mexico is giving a 20-day free pass to the U.S. border to illegal aliens from Africa and Haiti.

The Saudi Gazette reports:

“With few diplomatic ties with African nations, it is difficult for the Mexican authorities to deport illegal migrants from Africa home.

“As a result, many African migrants are given a temporary transit permit, giving them 20 days to leave Mexico. In practice this allows them to continue their journey towards the United States border without being detained by immigration officials.”

Migrants shift target destinations from Europe to U.S.

...Hundreds now turn up every day. Last year between 150 to 700 African migrants arrived per day at Tapachula – with a total of 19,000 migrants arriving from Africa and Haiti in 2016 – according to Mexican government figures.

‘Catch and release’

A U.S. Border Patrol agent who works out of the El Centro sector of Southern California, told WND the “catch and release” policy implemented by President Obama has led to an “open season” on the U.S. border from all manner of foreign countries...