Mexico instructs its embassy and consulates in the U.S. to increase measures to protect aliens

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Los Angeles Times
Article date: 
18 November 2016
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National News
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...On Wednesday, the Mexican government instructed its embassy and consulates in the U.S. to step up measures to protect Mexican immigrants. The measures include a 24-hour hotline that will allow people to report harassment and immigration raids, as well as the expansion of deportation-defense work at 50 consulates...

Already, Mexican officials have been struggling to integrate the roughly 200,000 Mexicans who are repatriated annually by U.S. immigration authorities. Many returnees lack the proper Mexican documents to find work, and many come with their children, some of whom are U.S. citizens who don’t speak Spanish. Nearly half a million U.S. citizen children are enrolled in Mexican schools, according to government statistics.

As part of its Trump-related action plan, Mexico says it will make it easier for Mexicans living in the U.S. to obtain proper Mexican identity documents and will intensify a campaign to register as Mexican citizens children born in the U.S. to parents who are Mexican nationals...