Mexico Launches Campaign to Help Its Citizens Stay in U.S.

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Edmund Kozak
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7 March 2017
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National News
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Mexico has opened migrant legal aid centers at 50 consulates across the U.S. in order to help its citizens resist American immigration authorities, the Mexican government announced Saturday...

Let’s face it, it’s in Mexico’s best interest to ensure that as many Mexican nationals as possible are allowed to remain in the U.S,” Dave Ray, director of communications for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, told LifeZette.

“It increases Mexico’s political influence in the U.S. while protecting the steady stream of remittances from Mexican expatriates back home,” Ray continued. “Under eight years of the Obama administration, illegal immigration went largely unchecked and some countries might very well see it as a ‘right’ to send their citizens here,” he said...

Of course, in addition to a steady flow of extra cash into the Mexican economy, keeping illegal Mexican aliens within the U.S. has the added bonus for Mexico’s elite of keeping many destitute citizens out of Mexico...