Mexico is Most Dangerous Country on the Planet

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M3 Report
Article date: 
26 March 2013
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Our American Future
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Some of the items reported in the latest M3 report include:

  • Gunmen Kills 7 in Cancun Bar as Thousands Enjoy Spring Break
  • Throats Being Cut At “Secure” Border
  • Sheriff Babeu Weighs in on I.C.E. Releasing Detainees
  • Mexico is Most Dangerous Country on the Planet
  • Border Patrol Shoots and Kills Suspect-Agent Wounded
  • U.S. Grants Honduras $16.3 Million to Combat Crime

The Mainstream Media (MSM) isn't interested in covering stories like these, however they are quite interested in promoting an amnesty for illegal aliens. Democrats and Republicans are pushing for amnesty.

The promise of amnesty will lure even more illegal aliens into the US and will further weaken our already insecure US-Mexico border - which DHS's Napolitano wants to ignore. See article DHS Secretary Napolitano criticizes immigration ‘border trigger’ proposal.

It will only be a matter of time until cartel-related violence spills over into the US interior.