Is Mexico Our Friend?

Article author: 
Bruce Bialosky
Article publisher: 
Flash Report
Article date: 
1 July 2023
Article category: 
National News
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...  our southern neighbor has policies that are openly hostile to our country and deadly to our citizens.

The first of the two hostile policies is their refusal to stop migrants from traversing their country to arrive at our border with the notion of entering the United States illegally. The second is the production and transporting of harmful drugs that is killing our fellow citizens by the tens of thousands. Both of these policies feed the coffers of criminal cartels within the Mexican borders and are barely combatted by the Mexican government...

The flow of migrants is separate from what the Mexican government has done to encourage their own citizens to break our laws and cross our borders illegally. The principal purpose of sending their own citizens is two-fold. They don’t have to develop their own economic base where their citizens can stay in their country and keep their families together. These people are sending an estimated $60 billion annually from the United States to support their families and the floundering Mexican economy...

If Mexico was really our friends, they would halt all traffic coming through their own southern border...

The amount of fentanyl seized... just in the month of March was 645 million deadly doses... 


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