Middle East expert Pipes: I now believe it is a purposeful conspiracy to replace Western civilization with Islam

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Ann Corcoran
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Refugee Resettlement Watch
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10 December 2017
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National News
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Daniel Pipes is President of the Middle East Forum and has been writing and speaking about Islam since before 9/11.

In a November interview (originally published in Italian), Pipes commented on his predictions for Syria as the ISIS threat is diminished.
He believes more refugees will be on their way to Europe, even as ISIS is no longer the excuse for their movement to western countries.
Below are a few snips from the interview which you can read in its entirety here [Syria, Security, Migration, and Eurabia: An Interview]:
As ISIS collapses, will Europe face another wave of Syrian immigrants?
ISIS is a minor issue today; the major question is how the powers now present in Syria will resolve matters among them. I am pessimistic and expect many more refugees will be spilling out of Syria.
If so, how can Europe deal with this radicalized humanity?
Europeans should take control of their borders while urging Middle Eastern migrants to head toward Saudi Arabia and other wealthy states with whom they share a culture.
We previously posted a recommendation from Pipes in which he said Muslim refugees should be taken care of in their own “culture zone.” 
See that 2013 post by clicking here.
And, coincidentally yesterday we reported on an Op-ed at The Hill where a longtime foreign service officer said the same thing of the Rohingya ‘refugees’ from Burma. They should be placed in Muslim countries!
The Pipes interview continues:
What are the long-term risks of the unprecedented migration now underway to Europe?
The replacement of European civilization with Islamic civilization.
Do you believe in the “Eurabia” theory, as do right-wing politicians in Italy?
When Bat Ye’or first proposed this theory in 2002, I was skeptical, not believing in a purposeful conspiracy to replace Western civilization with Islam. Fifteen years later, and especially after witnessing the astonishing actions of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, I find it convincing. I can see no other way to explain the spectacular unwillingness to recognize the damage caused by unfettered immigration and blind multiculturalism.
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And, see my complete archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ here.  It extends back nearly ten years.
Endnote: I’ve been thinking lately that all of us (bloggers, writers, citizen activists) should no longer (if you ever did!) find ways to say things in a more palatable, dare I say politically-correct way.  We will be vilified by the Leftwing and their Islamic supremacist friends of course, but there is no other way to move the general population to a point where they can understand the threat western civilization is facing.
And, by speaking the unvarnished truth, you give permission to others to do the same.
Daniel Pipes doesn’t mince any words here!


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