Migrant caravan clashes with Mexican police, waits on bridge at Guatemalan-Mexican border

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Bill Weir, Catherine E. Shoichet. Ralph Ellis and Michelle Mendoza
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20 October 2018
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National News
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Tapachula, Mexico ... Honduran migrants in a massive caravan surged across a bridge leading to Mexico on Friday before they were halted in a chaotic confrontation with a phalanx of Mexican police in riot gear....

It was unclear how many migrants would cross the border and how long that process would take....

[US Secretary of State] Pompeo accused the caravan of using women and children "as shields as they make their way through."
"This is an organized effort to come through and violate the sovereignty of Mexico," Pompeo said. "We're prepared to do all that we can to support the decisions that Mexico makes about how they're going to address this very serious and important issue to their country."...
Peña Nieto said Mexican officials would continue welcoming those traveling with the migrant caravan despite Friday's incident....
US President Donald Trump, who's been criticizing the caravan with fiery tweets all week, reiterated his threat Friday that if Mexico doesn't stop the migrants, he'll take more drastic action.
"If that doesn't work out, we're calling up the military, not the guard, we're calling up the military and we're going to have the military stationed," Trump said. "They're not coming into this country. They might as well turn back."
Trump has also threatened to cut foreign aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.




Overpopulation is a key factor in perpetuating mass poverty in Central America, resulting in the predictable mass migration to more stable countries such as the United States. American women voluntarily reached replacement level fertility (2.1 children per woman) in 1972. Yet ironically Congress is forcing U.S. population to double within the lifetimes of children born today because of mass immigration.

In Central America, population momentum will cause its population to grow for decades after replacement level fertility is reached.