Migrants from all over world going to Central America, Mexico to join trek north to U.S.

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Jan-Albert Hootsen
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Fox News Latino
Article date: 
25 November 2015
January 2016
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National News
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One year after U.S. and Mexican authorities were almost overwhelmed by an unprecedented wave of undocumented Central American attempting to reach the U.S. through Mexico, migration in the region appears to have taken a new and somewhat unusual turn.

In recent weeks, migrants from countries of origin rarely seen around here before – such as Syria, India and Cuba – have been taking the long route to the United States from South and Central America and through Mexico.

These new migrants also appear to be taking a different approach to reaching the U.S. than their Central American counterparts. Whereas the latter mostly travel by themselves, braving accidents, organized crime and corrupt law enforcement officials, the new group more often relies on human traffickers – often paying them large sums of money ...

Cuban migrants making the trip told Costa Rica's La Nación newspaper they pay human traffickers anywhere between $7.000 and $10.000 to get them to American soil ...