Money can no longer buy elections

Article author: 
Joseph Farah
Article publisher: 
World Net Daily
Article date: 
25 February 2016
Article category: 
National News
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... the biggest story hasn’t yet been reported – that money doesn’t buy votes any more.

For example, the Jeb Bush campaign spent over $30 million in the South Carolina primary. For that, he couldn’t break 10 percent of the vote. He’d spent a similar amount in New Hampshire with similar results. Realizing it’s not a matter of how much the campaign spends, he bowed out of the race last weekend...
Now let’s turn to the other party. Hillary Clinton was also supposed to be Miss Inevitability. Why? She had all the money. Just as the 2008 campaign was to end in her coronation, so was the 2016 primary.
But along came Bernie Sanders. Apparently, no one told him his candidacy was just for show purposes. He actually put together a grass-roots organization funded by grass-roots donors. The results have shocked the Democratic Party establishment as much as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have traumatized the Republican National Committee...
What’s happening this year is truly the result of a spontaneous voter revolt...
...Sanders is running a one-note-johnny campaign vilifying how money is corrupting politics in America...
In 2016, there’s almost an inverse correlation between campaign spending and votes cast....


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