More Deportations Follow Minor Crimes, Records Show

Article author: 
Ginger Thompson and Sarah Cohen
Article publisher: 
The New York Times
Article date: 
6 April 2014
Article category: 
National News
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[...] An informal tally among the immigrants gathered that recent Tuesday night found a total of 22 people who either had a spouse who had been deported or were in deportation proceedings themselves. All told, those parents had 59 children. All but nine of the children were born in this country ...

One teenager’s plea reached all the way to the White House. Ivan Maldonado, 18, who lives in what has become a typical mixed-status immigrant household, was 3 years old when his parents illegally moved him and an older brother to the United States from Mexico. His parents had four more sons in Ohio ...

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Giving birth in the U.S. - Total costs average $18,329 for a vaginal delivery - 2013

Comment: So those 50 U.S. born Anchor Baby children noted above cost, on average using CNN's report, a total of $915,000 upon their birth.  If U.S. taxpayers funded these births by illegal aliens, that is a huge price tag for us.