Multi-agency raids across Indianapolis target Mexican drug cartel; more than 20 arrested

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No problem with our borders...they are contained just as ISIS is contained...
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Matt Adams and Russ McQuaid
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Fox 59
Article date: 
18 November 2015
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National News
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n the pre-dawn darkness a convoy of more than a dozen state, federal and local vehicles, led by an armored Indiana State Police SWAT wagon, rolled up on the house with the red door in the 1100 block of Worcester Avenue on the city’s southeast side. Investigators were looking for the man known to run the Indianapolis branch of a drug ring with direct connections to Mexico that brought heroin and methamphetamine to the streets of the city ...

More than 20 pounds of drugs, some cash and 16 guns, at least one of them stolen, turned up in the raids that reached throughout the northside to the Mars Hills area on the southwest side which investigators said prove the presence of the Mexican cartels in Indianapolis.

“We all the time see traffic in and out of the house, I mean, constantly cars parked over on the side street. There’s been anywhere up to twenty cars come in one day, back and forth,” said another resident. “They come and go at all weird hours of the night. Just a lot of Hispanic males in and out constantly ..."

Federal Charges:

Alfonso-Pineda-Hernandez, a/k/a Flaco, 30
Nicolas Cazares-Garcia, a/k/a Niko, 28
Aurelio Estrada-Alvarado, a/k/a Winn, 20
Jose Trinidad- Garcia Jr., 32
Miguel Barragan-Lopez, 35
Mario Gomez-Cano, 20
Javier Sarabia-Gutierrez, a/k/a Cholo, 30
Fernando Paniagua, 22
Cynthia Vergara, 24
Francisa Vasquez-Casimiro, 45


Jose Araujo-Orduno, a/k/a Cuervo , 18
Oswaldo Rendon, a/k/a Junior, 22

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