Muslim Illegal Aliens Crossing Arizona Desert: Intelligence Briefing for LEO

Article author: 
Jim Kouri
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Conservative Base
Article date: 
12 March 2019
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National News
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“For years now the Arizona Desert has seen Other Than Mexican (OTM) come across the Arizona/Mexico Border.  Of particular concern, and as I began reporting over three years ago, Middle Eastern terrorists also have come across the Arizona desert and into the heart of Arizona to which they were then disbursed across the United States of America,” said Dr. Lyle Rapacki, CEO at Sentinel Intelligence Services, LLC.

Described below is a very recent sighting of Islamic Illegals coming across the desert of Arizona.  Observed by drone surveillance members of this particular group stopped and cited their prayers at sunrise in the Arizona desert on June 4th, 2013.  You will see the tracking coordinates mentioned below, according to Rapacki.

Dr. Rapacki stated in his report that the details below are another example of the unsecured  border, and an example of Middle Eastern illegal aliens entering the United States.

Of even greater concern, and as noted below…there was no mention of this event to any federal law enforcement, after the sighting of the group by the drone operator....

CAIRCO Research

Photographs of Other Than Mexican (OTM) items found near Three Points, Arizona, by Fred Elbel, 2004.