A National Emergency—Out-Of-Control Immigration, Massive American Worker Displacement

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Edwin S. Rubenstein
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8 January 2019
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National News
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Yes, Virginia, it’s a national emergency—December’s jobs report, widely hailed because of strong employment growth, also revealed a massive immigration influx, far in excess of estimated legal inflow. And native-born American worker displacement remains close to record highs, continuing an Obama-Era trend that the Trump Administration has totally failed to break. The strong economy is muffling the impact. But what when the next cyclical downturn arrives?

American worker replacements are entering the country in near-record numbers: the immigrant population of working age (16 years plus) increased by 1.439 million in December, the fifth consecutive month of 1 million+ growth.

There are seasonal trends at work here, of course, so it is particularly alarming that the year-over-year increase this December was larger than in any December since 2008.

With legal immigration running at about 1 million per annum, this figure implies a net illegal worker influx potentially in the hundreds of thousands. (In contrast, immigrant working age population actually shrank in the last five months of 2017 when the now-vanished “Trump Effect” seemed to be really taking hold.)...

Our analysis of the December Household Survey, which reports immigration status, found a welcome reversal from November, when native-born American employment fell and immigrants took all job growth. In December:

    Immigrant employment fell by 292,000 - down 1.1%
    Native-born employment rose 442,000 - up 0.3%
    The immigrant employment index, set at 100.0 in January 2009, fell to 126.9 from 128.3 in November.
    The native-born American employment index fell to 107.4 from 107.0 in November.
    The New VDARE American Worker Displacement Index (NVDAWDI), our term for the ratio of immigrant to native-born employment growth indexes, fell to 118.2 from 119.9 in October. The all-time displacement high, 123.0, was set in April....