National Journal Flat-Out Lies About Immigration Poll Findings

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Ira Mehlman
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Article date: 
19 July 2013
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National News
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“The Media” are just people, and all people have their biases. Inevitably, those biases subtly creep into the stories they report. Rarely do you find bald-faced, deliberate distortions of the truth, especially in reputable media outlets. The July 17th edition of the Inside-the-Beltway publication, National Journal, isn’t subtly, or unintentionally biased. It flat-out lies...

Here is the headline and lead paragraphs as they appear in the National Journal’s story about a poll on the Senate immigration bill:

Americans Want Congress to Pass the Senate Immigration Bill

"...A strong majority of Americans, 59 percent, said they would like to see the House either pass the Senate’s immigration bill as is or pass a version with even tougher border-control measures, according to the latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll...."

Here is the actual poll question and the topline results on which the National Journal bases the headline and the report:...

29% Pass the Senate bill as is
30% Make the provisions for border security tougher and then pass the bill
13% Eliminate the provisions providing citizenship for illegal immigrants and then pass the bill
20% Not pass any immigration legislation
9% Don’t Know/Refused (VOL.)...