The National Question Takes Center Stage In Arizona Senate Primary Debate

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Washington Watcher II
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19 July 2022
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National News
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“This election is about the future...actually it’s an election about whether we’re going to have a future at all,” Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters said at the GOP primary debate last week. “In 30 years, my boys will be my age, and I want them to grow up in a country we recognize.” The National Question loomed unusually large in the Copper State debate. The top Republican contenders—businessman Jim Lamon and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich—promise to be tough on illegal immigration and the border. But Masters, an associate of PayPal founder Peter Thiel, stands head and shoulders above the rest. This is a race in which immigration and the future of the country dominate the discussion. Only Masters proves to be the true immigration patriot....

Masters is upfront about his immigration patriotism. Since announcing his bid, he has declared he wants to cut legal immigration by half, reform chain migration and guest worker policies, and is open to eliminating the H-1B visa, which corporations use to replace American white-collar workers with cheap foreign labor.

One thing that makes the Thiel associate stand out: his willingness to discuss the Great Replacement. “The Democrats, they hope to just change the demographics of our country,” he said in a podcast last Spring. “They hope to import an entirely new electorate. Then they call you a racist and a bigot.” ...

If Masters wins the primary, as expected, then defeats Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly in November, immigration patriots will know a new GOP is upon us.

But a Masters victory will also send a message to the GOP: No more can Republicans hope to sound tough on illegal immigration while being soft on legal immigration. Only true immigration patriotism can secure the mantle of America First.