Nazi Collaborator George Soros Behind Bid to Remove Trump from Ballot in Key State

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Geller Report
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26 October 2023
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National News
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Why is this hostile foreign actor still allowed to undermine and sabotage our system of governance and law and order... There is fundamentally wrong with the American system if a hostile foreign actor with virulent anti-American views can send billions to buy our elections.

This is the man who told Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes that “the happiest days of his life” were when he was collaborating with the Nazis.

Soros should be banned. He is a hostile foreign actor. We must pass a “Stop Soros” bill, as Hungary did...

George Soros behind bid to remove Trump from ballot in key state

November 1, 2023 | | November 1, 2023

Dark money met election interference in a bid to keep former President Donald Trump off of state ballots, linked to George Soros...

Formerly the Open Society Institute, and now controlled by his heir and successor Alex Soros, the infamous businessman’s grantmaking network was shown to have an established link to the 501 (c)(3) group Free Speech For People, currently challenging Trump’s legal right to be on the ballot in Minnesota based on a 14th Amendment claim

According to investigative think tank Capital Research Center, at least between 2001 and 2006, the Open Society Institute had “contributed $100,000 and $275,000 every year to,” The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, from which Free Speech For People was shown to receive donations, as documented by Influence Watch...

Thursday, their legal challenge against the president was scheduled to begin oral arguments in the Minnesota Supreme Court as they asserted “…Donald J. Trump is disqualified from the presidency of the United States under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment…”


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