Nearly seven million Muslim migrants are ‘waiting to cross into Europe’

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Pamela Geller
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25 May 2017
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National News
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The latest impending wave of Muslim migrants (al hijrah) comes from the same region (North Africa) as the Manchester mass-murdering Muslim who bombed the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.
And the EU will “not hesitate” to fine member states over migrant quotas. The EU machine is hellbent on the destruction of the continent it ought to serve. Conquest without even putting on the jackboots.

Nearly seven million migrants are ‘waiting to cross into Europe’: Leaked report warns of new crisis but Brussels insists the situation is under control

  • Millions of asylum seekers are waiting to cross into Europe, leaked report says
  • Confidential report says there 2.5million waiting in war-torn North Africa
  • Surge has led to 1,200 deaths so far this year as gangs use ruthless tactics

Daily Mail, May 23, 2017:

More than six million asylum seekers are waiting to cross into Europe, a leaked intelligence report warns.

There has been a huge increase in the number of migrants hoping to reach EU countries, it says – contradicting claims from Brussels that the situation is under control.

The confidential report, leaked to German newspaper Bild, claims 6.6million migrants are waiting in countries around the Mediterranean sea to cross into Europe, including 2.5million in war-torn North Africa...



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