Nelson And Scott Have Special Messages For Florida’s Spanish-Speakers. Shouldn’t Anglos Know?

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Alan Wall
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26 September 2018
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Our American Future
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lorida’s U.S. Senate election in November pits the current Republican Governor, Rick Scott, against three-term incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson—the latter with an F- from Numbers USA.

Two recent polls show Scott leading by a measly 1 percent ...

Both campaigns are advertising in English and Spanish. But why?

Knowing the language is a officially condition of citizenship. How can you be an informed voter if you don’t read the news in English? Otherwise, you would be prey to all-Spanish-language sources like Univision.

But as we see from the recent incident at Taco Bell in Hialeah, where two black Americans were refused service at the drive-through because they couldn’t speak Spanish, Florida’s demographic transformation is near-complete....

Americans have to fight for our culture and prevent our country from becoming a colony of Latin America. It’s not that complicated. But requires courage to enact these reforms—and a thick skin to withstand the inevitable hysteria.
The U.S.A. is an English-speaking country. It should remain so.