New border wall blocks 90% of illegal crossings, up from just 10%

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President Trump’s long-promised border wall is working.
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Washington Examiner
Article date: 
10 March 2020
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National News
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... The new chief of Border Patrol, which is under U.S. Customs and Border Protection, revealed that the parts of the new “wall system” are 90% “effective,” up from just 10% before it was built, replacing a ragtag of broken fencing.
“It changes everything,” said Chief Rodney Scott, of the 135-136 miles of new wall, roadways, and high-tech spyware. “There is a huge return on investment,” he added.
“This system is going to have a huge impact,” added Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz.
    Border Wall System update:
    ▫️ 131 miles completed
    ▫️ 208 miles under construction
    ▫️ 414 miles in pre-construction ...
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