New Video Exonerates Defendants Accused of Breaking Into US Capitol

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Geller Report
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12 May 2022
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National News
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The Beltway Report:

In the video, Capitol police are seen opening up the upper west terrace doors of the Capitol building. No one is forcing their way in. There is no violence going on outside the building, at least none that can be seen that Democrats could say encouraged officers to open the doors. It just didn’t happen. When you watch the video, any judge who is honest and takes the law seriously must drop all charges on these people that say they forcibly entered the building.

The video also leads us to wonder about some other charges, like breaking and entering, trespassing, and being in a restricted area, etc. If police invited people inside the building by opening the doors and then not trying to block them from entering, only to have the people charged later on, that’s called entrapment.

Now you know why Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol police refused to release thousands of hours of video that was taken that day....


Secret Video Recordings LEAKED from Inside “The Hole” of DC Gitmo — First Footage Ever Released of Cockroach and Mold Infested Cell of J6 Political Prisoner, Gateway Pundit, 26 May 2022.