No Amnesty says NAFBPO - National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

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NAFBPO - National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers
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22 July 2013
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National News
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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers wishes to draw America's attention to the fact that the massive alien population illegally present in the United States, often typified as benign huddled masses yearning to breathe free, is simply not as so often characterized. Based on past arrest figures, there is a significant percentage living among us with criminal records, many violent. Moreover, organized illegal drug and human trafficking over our porous borders has established transnational criminal operations in over 2,000 American cities. It is certainly reasonable to presume that potential terrorists are also part of this shadow population. Presently, there is no way to know. They live among us.

The U.S. Senators who passed S-744 voted, in effect, to protect that criminal alien population, with little or no regard for national security or public safety. As an example of the product of our lack of border security, as well as the tolerance of sanctuary cities, is the recent gang rape of a 13-year-old girl by illegal aliens in Austin, Texas. This is not an isolated incident, just one of the more recent ones.

Real border security begins when protecting Legal Resident Aliens and American Citizens from criminal aliens be- comes priority number one in Congress. Effective interior enforcement of existing immigration law targeting these transnational criminals would greatly reduce the present incentive to enter or remain illegally in the United States. Amnesty, in any of its convoluted forms, would further diminish border security by sweetening the pot to get here and remain illegally.

The first priority of Congress must be to protect the American people and to resist falling prey to the present lavish pressures of the influence peddlers. To this end, the NAFBPO urges the American public to directly request Congressmen John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan to abandon their dreams of amnesty, by whatever name, and get on a realistic track to ensure national security and public safety. That track leads to effective interior enforcement in every jurisdiction in all fifty states. Only then can actual border security and control become possible.