Noncitizens Across U.S. Find It Easy to Register to Vote, Cast Ballots

Article author: 
S.A. Miller, Washington Times
Article publisher: 
American Renaissance
Article date: 
2 August 2018
Article category: 
National News
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A Russian national or any other noncitizen can easily influence a U.S. election by simply registering to vote in California...

Noncitizens are signing up to vote in states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, according to research by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit law firm that advocates for election integrity. The foundation found that a large percentage of those noncitizens managed to cast ballots, too....

Mr. Arntz said he was almost certain that nobody had been prosecuted in San Francisco for being a noncitizen on the voter rolls during his 16 years at the department.
“I can’t remember forwarding an allegation that someone was a noncitizen who registered to vote or did vote,” he said....