North America Goes South: The Plan To Dismantle USA

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Frank Miele
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Real Clear Politics
Article date: 
26 December 2022
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Our American Future
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People are starting to realize that the collapse of the American border is not an accident. It can’t be. When the vice president of the United States says the border is “secure” at the same time that illegal border crossings have surged to more than a million a year, then one of two things must be true.

Either the vice president and the rest of the Biden administration have to be delusional, or they are lying....

Two weeks ago, we learned that Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken is actively engaged in a campaign to break down all barriers between the United States and Mexico. In other words, the huge influx of Mexicans and other foreigners across the U.S. border is just the first stage in a globalist effort to blur the lines between not just the United States and Mexico, but also Canada.

It’s called the North American Union, and the idea has been around for three decades. I wrote about it extensively between 2006 and 2008 when President George W. Bush was pushing it....

... the North American Union isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s a concept that’s been promoted by globalists since at least the early 1990s.... That idea never went away; it just went underground, and it emerged last month when Blinken quietly proposed to the president of Mexico that it was time to start working toward “consolidation” of the continent....

But once you envision the collapse of the U.S. border as an intentional strategy rather than incompetence, it all starts to make sense. Think of it as a plan to first devalue the United States by importing crime, drugs, and cheap workers, so that when the North American Union is ultimately proposed, it will be more palatable....

The only crack in the wall of disinterest came on Oct. 14 when Tucker Carlson interviewed Rep. Matt Gaetz about a Sept. 12 meeting between Blinken and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador....

Where that will lead is anyone’s guess, but what we know for sure is that the news media won’t be asking any questions and Secretary Blinken won’t be giving any answers. Let the globalist games begin.


Border isn’t ‘important’ to Biden because Dems want radical open immigration, by Mark Krikorian, New York Post, 6 December 2022:

... Past administrations, including Democratic ones, acknowledged public concern over immigration by tightening their policies to make it harder for foreigners to illegally enter.

This administration, on the other hand, is the first in our nation’s history to reject the very idea of deterring illegal immigration.

That’s not because there’s some kind of plan to import voters. Sure, those are ancillary benefits for the left, but the deeper reason this administration, from the president on down, doesn’t think what’s happening at the border is important is that they believe immigration controls are morally wrong — period. They believe that the American people simply have no right to keep anyone out. And if the immigration law requires them to do that — as it obviously does — they’ll do their best to circumvent and ignore the law....

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