"Not Reporting Race" - MSM Promoting False Consciousness About Race And Crime

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James Fulford
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8 February 2019
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Our American Future
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... the Main Stream Media’s custom–set in writing in the AP Stylebook and many similar policies—of not reporting the race of a criminal in order to avoid making that race look bad. The MSM not what she calls “skittish”—they have a systematic policy of suppression which I've been covering here for 15 years.

The clear intent is to create a false consciousness in the news-reading public—and it works. The MSM supporters of this idea say that it’s meant to prevent “prejudice”—a Canadian stylebook, used by Toronto Globe & Mail, says:

We must be especially scrupulous about avoiding irrelevant references  in stories about criminal charges or other matters in which identifying a person's  race or national origin may unfairly associate an entire group with criminal or antisocial activity. [Emphasis added.]

So the MSM gatekeepers don’t what people to “unfairly” get the idea that, say black people are more dangerous than whites. Unfortunately, this idea is perfectly fair, because it is true.

Political Correctness, says Steve Sailer, is a War On Noticing. “Not Reporting Race” is a War On The Truth.

Here’s a list of tropes used in the MSM’s War on the truth about race and crime.

  • No Racial Identifiers At All

    ... Whenever I see a headline that says “Man Arrested For”, I have trained myself to wonder “What kind of man?” Ann Coulter’s devastating Chapter Nine in Adios America! covers this, and is titled PUBLIC WARNED TO BE ON LOOKOUT FOR “MAN”....

  • No Racial Identifier In Story—No Matter How Relevant...
  • No Racial Identifier In Headline—Even If It’s Mentioned In The Story...
  • Victim Is A Minority In Headline—Equally Minority Attacker Is “Man”...
  • New Ways Of Saying “Immigrant” Without Saying “Immigrant”...

    ...The MSM also likes say that people (terrorists, illegal immigrants and Obama’s illegal Uncle Omar) “moved here” rather than immigrated....

  • Not Reporting Race Applies Even If Human Life Is At Stake...



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