Obama’s 2013 Immigration Shock Hit Middle Class, Gave $5 Trillion To Wall Street

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Mass immigration yields disastrous consequences to younger generations of American workers
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Neil Munro
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5 October 2015
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Our American Future
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In 1968, 3.7 million Americans were born, just three years after the 1965 update to the Immigration and Nationality Act. Almost five decades later, 3.5 million of their children turned 18, and entered 2013’s weak, post-recession job market.

But that long-ago immigration law had been quietly, steadily, decade-by-decade, expanding the inflow of foreign workers. In 2013, it flooded the weak job market with an astounding tsunami of three million additional new workers.

That’s a shocking 85 percent increase in the new labor supply. That’s six imported workers competing side-by-side with every seven children of the 1968 Americans. That’s almost one foreign worker for each one child of the ’68 generation.

Of course, Americans’ participation in the workforce dipped, wages flatlined and company profits peaked. Of course, the Down Jones stock-market index boomed by 26 percent, delivering almost $5 trillion in gains to America’s richest families.

Of course, only seven percent of Americans want more immigration, and, of course, President Barack Obama, progressives, business groups, journalists and many establishment Republicans want to repeat that 2013 immigration disaster again and again and again.

The 1968 Generation And their 1995 Children

...by 2013, President Barack Obama and his business allies were running the immigration act at breakneck speed — and  it enabled him to deliver almost one extra worker into the labor market for each of the 3.5 million children of the 1968 babies.

That’s an extra three million immigration-enabled workers in one year.

That’s an 85 percent increase above the natural supply of new Americans workers...

America is a nation of Americans, but it is increasingly a workplace of non-Americans...

The percentage of 1968 parents who had jobs fell five percent from 2007 to 2011, rose by 0.5 percent in 2012 — and stopped rising in 2013. The percentage of working Americans aged between 20 and 40 actually fell, despite small gains in 2012. The percentage of Americans younger than 20 who joined the workforce nudged up by 0.5 percent, partly because college attendance dropped. 
By the end of 2013, the number of native-born Americans aged 16 to 65 with jobs had nudged up by only 700,000, to 113.5 million. In fact, fewer-working-age Americans had jobs at the end of 2013 than had jobs in 2000...

The 2013 Inflow of Foreign Workers

The three million immigration-added workers flowed into the U.S. labor market via numerous large and small channels — few of whom are counted and totaled by journalists, economists or politicians...

Children of Pre-1995 Immigrants: 568,000...

Children of Post-1995 Immigrants: 300,000...

New Green Card Recipients: 350,000...

Foreigners Given Work Permits: 750,000...

Illegals: 350,000...

Guest Workers: 700,000...


Obviously, very few Americans want higher rates of immigration. A January 2015 Gallup poll shoed that only seven percent of Americans want more immigrants, despite intense media pressure to welcome “vibrant diversity” and despite the media’s refusal to describe the scale of annual immigration. Other polls show even more lopsided opposition, much of which is fueling Donald Trump’s populist run for the presidency.