The Obama Administration Wants Non-Citizens Voting In Federal Elections

Article author: 
Dale L. Wilcox
Article publisher: 
Daily Caller
Article date: 
6 May 2015
Article category: 
Our American Future
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It’s time we had proof of citizenship in federal elections. The fundamental right of choosing our representatives is threatened to the extent non-citizens are able to vote. Our elections are now tighter than ever and when a non-citizens votes, like a recipient of Obama’s amnesty for instance, the legitimate vote of a citizen gets cancelled out. This threat has never been more serious than it is today.

Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, recently requested that the Supreme Court hear his case against the federal government for obstructing a democratically-enacted law in his state that makes proof of citizenship a requirement of prospective voters using the federal registration form. Although denied by the federal government from implementing the measure, such a requirement is part of the secretary’s general mandate.

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires that secretaries of state “ensure that accurate and current voter registration rolls are maintained” and that the integrity of the electoral process be protected. But when Kobach requested the federal Election Assistance Commission to amend his state’s version of the federal voter registration form to include citizenship-proof, he was told that such a measure wasn’t necessary and that he had “a myriad of means available to enforce [] citizenship requirements.”

None of the alternatives, however, are remotely adequate for a country that in five years will have a foreign-born population of 50 million, most of whom cannot vote but have the fullest ability and every incentive to vote...

... organizations like La Raza [The Race] (whose former senior vice president, Cecilia Munoz, is White House domestic policy advisor) actually encourage non-citizen voting because they know half of today’s immigrants are Hispanic and reliably vote 2-to-1 Democrat. That’s also why, like the EAC, they cry discrimination when citizens demand that voter integrity be protected (83 percent of Kansans and 56 percent of Arizonans who voted supported the measures). But considering our unprecedented non-citizen numbers and tight elections, shouldn’t it be efforts to thwart measures that protect citizen rights that be called discriminatory? Or anti-citizen?...

Most problematic for database cross-checking in general is that it fails to ensure that non-citizens are removed from voter rolls before a fraudulent offsetting vote is already cast. Only citizenship proof can protect voters before the damage is done...

Polls show a big leap in citizens wanting proof of citizenship in voter registration, yet no state has it. No doubt this is connected with polls showing that only 39% of voters feel confident with our electoral system...