Obama, 'Biden Doctrine' fundamentally transforming America

Article author: 
Eric Utter
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
7 April 2024
Article category: 
Our American Future
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... Obama often spoke of the "fundamental transformation" of America. What the (former?) president didn’t explicitly state, and what some still fail to understand, is that the Democrat party has been fundamentally transformed in recent years...in large part due to his efforts. It, in turn, has fundamentally transformed the United States. And not for the better.

JFK and Truman, like them or despise them, wouldn’t recognize it. In fact, they would disdain - and mock - today’s Democrat party, as it would them. It has morphed from a party ostensibly for working people into one of, by, and for elites - nationally and globally. (Okay, it has always advanced policies detrimental to black people, but in most other important respects, it has changed.)...

The Biden Doctrine, even if unstated, is also at odds with JFK’s promise to the world that the United States would "pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty." Today, the Democrat party is hell-bent on extinguishing the freedom and liberty of its political opponents here at home, as well as those of a large percentage of American citizens. Quite the difference...

Not only is the "Great Replacement Theory" a fact, but American citizens are paying to negate their future votes, if not functionally erase themselves entirely...


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