Obama ices the cake of his new America

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We either stop destruction of our country, or all is lost
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Barbara Simpson
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World Net Daily
Article date: 
17 November 2014
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Our American Future
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Right now, Obama and his administration are obsessed with immigration. His goal is not to reform our laws to make them work and put logical restrictions on the number and type of immigrants we allow across our borders, either as visitors, residents or, ultimately, new citizens.
His goals are to increase the numbers of people from Third-World countries we admit, to legalize those here illegally and forgive them their crimes and to increase the number of so-called refugees from Third-World countries, most of whom have no interest in becoming Americans but who want all the goodies we provide to the less fortunate.
When Barack Obama and his political henchmen get done with his plan to transform this country, we’ll end up being a country of one state.
He’s taking us apart bit by bit. When he’s done, we’ll no longer be the United States – 50 states with rights and obligations, with states’ rights preeminent – but one country under the thumb and rule of the federal government with no individual states rights...
...no matter what you call it, totally despotic.
The changes Obama has already made, and those that are imminent, are dividing this country in more ways than the average person can imagine and probably in ways that even the above-average, thinking person did not anticipate.
Yes, he said he would transform the country, but few realized his intended scope.
Consider that every time Arizona attempted to enforce immigration laws and prevent illegals from crossing the border or stop them from committing crimes, the feds moved in and sued them or had the courts rip apart their efforts.
Just this week, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a finding by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which stuck down the 2006 Arizona law that denied bail to illegals charged with felonies.
We’re talking about people here illegally and charged with felonies including crimes such as shoplifting, aggravated identity theft, sexual assault and even murder...
Ultimately, Barack Obama, the Democrats and, quite frankly, too many weak-kneed Republicans have created this mess.
Last Friday, Vice President Joe Biden announced that refugee status will be granted to people under 21 from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador if their parents are in this country...
Obama rules. He knows what he wants, and he’ll get it, regardless. He either forces it through Congress and the courts – see Obamacare – or he’ll use his pen and make law by executive order, regardless of whether it’s legal or constitutional.
He’s putting the icing on the cake of his new America. The only problem is that he’s made the cake under the icing rotten, and it will poison all of us unless we get ourselves back on a road to freedom.
It is that critical: We either stop this destruction of our beautiful country, or all is lost.