Obamacrat Border Collapse Scandal: MSM In Full Repression Mode

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Patrick Cleburne
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6 July 2014
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National News
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This morning I noticed that none of my MSM news summary emails had any coverage of the Obamacrat Border enforcement termination scandal which as Brenda Walker has noted is rapidly creating serious public health crises all over America. A consequence of this is that nothing readily appears on the traffic-driven Google News aggregator.

This is a matter of editorial choice. Turning to the Drudge Report I found that as of 10-08 AM EST no less than 26 items on the subject of immigration were posted – a third of the total number of posts.

Drudge of course survives because it selects stories on the basis of what would interest its readers rather than what it thinks they ought or ought not to know about – or what is helpful to the Democrats...

Drudge did a valuable public service by alerting is readers to NumberUSA’s feature MAP: Where feds are trying to relocate illegal border surgers which includes the feature eSign the petition asking your three Members of Congress to fight the relocation!

So in other words my early morning perception is correct: the MSM is in full repression mode, as usual when the issues are critical.



This observation is spot-on. Every day, I examine the many google news feeds which I have configured, as well as review a dozen or more web-based news services including Breitbart and Drudge, in order to find immigration-related articles. It is consistently that case that open borders articles percolate to the top of google news feeds, while immigration law enforcement and pro-national sovereignty articles drop off the bottom of the list. The mainstream media is indeed operating in full repression mode and so too, it appears, is google. - Fred Elbel