Obama's giant new welcome mat at U.S. border

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Tom Tancredo demands GOP challenge sabotage of deportation laws
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Tom Tancredo
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World Net Daily
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24 May 2014
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National News
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The newspapers are filled with speculation about Obama’s plans for another executive order or Homeland Security directive expanding his administration’s sabotage of the nation’s laws on deportation of illegal aliens. Obama continues to ignore laws enacted by Congress in open defiance of the separation of powers found in the U.S. Constitution.

...The thinking among the Republicans’ so-called congressional leadership appears to be that when it comes to immigration law enforcement, Republicans can’t criticize Obama’s unconstitutional edicts for fear of being called racists...

Earlier this year, the Obama administration was caught lying about its deportation numbers. Obama had been claiming that his team has deported illegal aliens in record numbers, but the truth is exactly the opposite. Obama’s Homeland Security secretary admitted to a congressional committee last month that when you count actual deportations by the same definition that has been used in the past, which excludes persons caught at the border and turned back, Obama’s deportations are at the lowest point since the 1970s.

Not only is Obama not deporting more illegal aliens than previously, he has been releasing more criminal aliens than in the past. In 2013, Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE, released more than 36,000 convicted criminal aliens instead of deporting them. Of 722,000 illegal aliens encountered by ICE in 2013 and investigated, only 25 percent were charged with a crime and held for possible deportation, which was a 28 percent decline from 2012. In Colorado, 45 percent of the more than 6,000 criminal aliens encountered by ICE were released. In Atlanta, it was 58 percent and in New York City, 71 percent...

Obama’s dismantlement of our laws on deportation of illegal aliens is especially significant because it portends and virtually guarantees the total collapse of federal immigration law and immigration law enforcement. By making a mockery of law enforcement, it makes immigration law enforcement a game of diminishing returns.

It also tells us that trusting Obama and his team to enforce any immigration law the National Council of La Raza [The Race] doesn’t like is a game for fools...

What the open borders hucksters of this deportation moratorium snake oil do not realize is that this unilateral Obama move virtually seals the fate of the amnesty legislation they desperately want to push through Congress before the August recess. Why? It’s really simple: If the No. 1 obstacle to any “bipartisan compromise” on amnesty is Republican distrust of Obama’s commitment to faithfully enforce the terms of the compromise, well, that distrust is now and forever set in concrete.

Consider the irony of the situation. The Obama moratorium on deportations is actually good news for patriots. Because it goes far beyond anything ever authorized or even contemplated by Congress, it is yet another example of why Obama cannot be trusted and, thus, it is another nail in the coffin of Obama’s credibility on law enforcement.

No Republican in Congress can vote for any “amnesty compromise” and claim with a straight face that the terms of the compromise will be honored by all parties...