Oberlin College makes $36M payment to bakery in racial profiling defamation case

Article author: 
Katherine Donlevy
Article publisher: 
New York Post
Article date: 
23 December 2022
Article category: 
National News
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Oberlin College has forked over the $36 million owed to a local bakery after the progressive Ohio school falsely accused the family-operated business of being racist.

The substantial payout was awarded earlier this year after Gibson’s Bakery won a defamation lawsuit against the school that sided with three black students who claimed the store racially profiled them when they were caught stealing from the shop in November 2016.

“We can confirm that all funds have been disbursed and that the family is continuing with the process of rebuilding Gibson’s Bakery for the next generations,” Brandon McHugh, the Gibson family’s attorney, told 3News on Thursday.

“It’s definitely about right and wrong. And to be quite frank, the three students that shoplifted, they admitted their crimes,” adds McHugh. “It was Oberlin College that could never admit that what they did was wrong.”...