Oklahoma Is Already Taxing Remittances, Why Can't President Trump?

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James Kirkpatrick
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7 January 2020
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National News
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Oklahoma continues to do what @realDonaldTrump promised he would do 3 yrs ago: tax remittances. Last year, OK collected $13 million fees on such money transfers. FYI: In 2018, nationwide remittances from illegal & legal alien workers in the US to Mexico totaled $34 billion. https://t.co/JFDHaGAj5l

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) January 6, 2020

By far the most infuriating shortcoming of the Trump Administration has been its baffling and inexplicable refusal to tax remittances. Regardless of which Democrat wins the nomination, he or she will obviously score points in the debates by hitting President Trump's vow that there would be a "powerful" border wall that wouldn't cost Americans anything, because "Mexico is going to pay for it." A remittance tax would be an easy way to accomplish this. It would also force Democrats to defend foreigners sending money out of the country in a process that fuels dependence and continued legal and illegal immigration.

This is already government policy in Oklahoma, so we shouldn't hear any excuses about how this is impossible....

Unfortunately, this may just be another example of the Trump Administration rewarding Woke Capital at the expense of the nationalist supporters the president will need if he wants another term....


Remittances - a massive transfer of wealth out of America