Overwhelmed Mexican Illegal Alien-Smuggling Cartels Use Wristband System to Bring Order to Business

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It's the sort you'd get at a water park
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Todd Bensman
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Center for Immigration Studies
Article date: 
3 March 2021
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National News
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A mass-migration surge along the U.S. southern border has so overwhelmed Mexican cartel-associated smugglers that they are requiring their customers to wear numbered, colored, and labeled wristbands to denote payment and help them manage their swelling human inventory.
Photos and video of the cartel wristbands, provided to the Center for Immigration Studies by Tripwires and Triggers website owner Jaeson Jones, show that migrants discard the wristbands once they have reached the Texas side of the Rio Grande. The discarded bands are especially prevalent in Starr County in Texas's Rio Grande Valley sector.
A CBP official confirmed to CIS that Border Patrol agents have been finding the discarded wristbands for nearly two months, coinciding with a migrant surge spawned by President Joe Biden's promises to open the border to all illegal immigrants once he took office.
"It's an inventory system," a CBP official confirmed. "They're all over the place."...
Not all migrants can afford the steep smuggling fee, which Jones said currently is $2,500 for a migrant from Mexico. The cartel smuggling groups are charging $3,000 for migrants from Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Honduras. Chinese migrants pay $5,000. Russians and Arabs pay top dollar at $9,000, Jones said his sources inside the organizations told him.
Many end up agreeing to pay off the debt later.
"If they don't pay their debt then the cartel has the information about where they're going, but more importantly, they have the information on their families in home countries," Jones said. "From there, they can start the threats and hold them accountable through debt bondage, a form of human trafficking. Either pay or we're going to come after your family."...