Past 5 years, number of illegal aliens caught crossing Texas border rose 80.4 percent

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Pei Li
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Cronkite News
Article date: 
27 September 2013
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National News
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[...] The number of people caught crossing the border illegally in Texas rose from 125,000 in fiscal 2009 to 225,548 as of Sept. 19 – just two weeks before the end of fiscal 2013. That represented an 80.4 percent increase over the five-year period.

CAIRCO Research

2009 Study: Illegal immigration costs Texas billions

Study by the Austin-based Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas estimates that illegal immigration costs the state $4.5 billion to $6 billion a year ...

* Education Costs-the education cost of illegal immigration to Texas runs from a low-end estimate of $4.4 billion to a high-end estimate of $7.9 billion ...

* In-state tuition for illegal immigrants-Cost to Texas $34.5 million ...

* Human Services Costs-December, 2008, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission issued their report, which found a cost to Texas for all illegal immigrant health care of $677 million ...

* Emergency Medicaid-Cost to Texas $572.6 million ...