Past Time to Undo Obama's 'Fundamental Transformation'

Article author: 
Clarice Feldman
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American Thinker
Article date: 
14 January 2024
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Our American Future
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... In fact, what he [Obama] instituted, endorsed, and placed the federal government’s many resources behind was the Marxist division of America into oppressed and oppressor groups -- using race and sex as substitutes for workers and producers. The destruction of national unity, the downplaying of merit and equal opportunity (in pursuit of equal outcomes) and the deliberate favoring of our enemies over our allies is now manifest...

The Middle East

Antony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of State, is an Obama holdover... When he assumed his position under Biden, Trump had diplomatically isolated Iran, which was under international arms embargos. Biden adopted pro-Iran, pro-Qatar, and pro-Palestinian policies...

The U.S. Military

We can no longer meet our recruitment goals. A major factor is that white male recruiting is down. That this should surprise anyone is bizarre...

Patrick H. Brady and Mike Waltz in the Wall Street Journal review the deleterious impact of DEI on our military

... An essential, battle-tested element of military culture – colorblindness -- is being undermined. Unless the trend is reversed, our national security will be at increased risk. The reversal could be done at no cost...

Selflessness, which has been vital to the warrior ethos for generations, requires subordination of self and subgroup identity and the ability to regard teammates’ racial and ethnic differences as inconsequential... But that ethic is under attack. 

... the Pentagon unnecessarily focuses on, and even elevates, race and maintains an obsessive focus on racial demographics. Worse, it uses racial preferences in officer accession programs and sometimes in command, promotion and schooling selections…

The Production and Operation of Essential Equipment

... Elon Musk ripped Boeing over a filing that appeared to show the aeronautical giant two years ago began using diversity, equity and inclusion goals as incentives for executive compensation after previously focusing solely on safety and quality controls.

"Do you want to fly in an airplane where they prioritized DEI hiring over your safety? That is actually happening," Musk said on X on Wednesday...

The Intellectual Foundations of MAGA, by Edward Ring, American Greatness, 18 January 2024.


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The official flag of the Biden Regime Banana Republic

The official flag of the Biden Regime Banana Republic