Pew Research Report: Nearly 90% of Illegal Immigrant 'Children' Are Teenagers

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Tony Lee
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Article date: 
22 July 2014
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National News
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... According to a new Pew Research report, in fiscal year 2013, 91% of illegal immigrant "children" [unaccompanied alien children] apprehended at the border were teenagers. Of the nearly 60,000 illegal immigrant "children" who were apprehended since October of last year, 84% have been teenagers...

Pew also noted that while the number of children ages 12 and younger who have been apprehended has increased, "the number of apprehensions of children who are accompanied by a parent or guardian has increased at a far faster clip, nearly tripling (160% increase) in less than a year." According to the data, "in the partial fiscal year 2014 data provided, 22,069 accompanied children were apprehended, up from just 8,479 during all of the previous fiscal year."

There have been nearly 60,000 illegal immigrant children who have crossed the border since October of last year, and federal officials estimate at least 150,000 more will enter the country in the next fiscal year. The number of illegal immigrant children [unaccompanied alien children] entering the nation from Central America drastically spiked after President Barack Obama enacted his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that gave temporary amnesty to certain DREAMers in 2012. The murder rate in Central American nations declined since then...


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