President Trump on Border Rules: ‘We’re Getting Them Changed, One by One’

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Neil Munro
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17 October 2018
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National News
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The administration is changing the rules for migrants at the border, despite Democrat opposition, President Donald Trump told the Associated Press.

“We have the worst laws in the history of the world on immigration, and we’re getting them changed one by one,” Trump said in the Oct. 16 Oval Office interview, which covered border issues and many other matters. “We’ve made a lot of progress in the last couple of weeks even, but we’re getting them changed one by one.”

“We should be getting credit for the job we’ve done,” Trump told the Associated Press.

Trump’s remarks come as his deputies have begun pressuring the Mexican government to stop the transit of another “caravan” of job-seeking migrants through Mexico to the U.S. border. Officials say they need the Mexican government to act because Democrats have blocked draft federal laws that could turn away the migrant job-seekers before they can flood into the labor market and force down Americans’ wages.

... [Attorney Gen.] Sessions persuaded the Supreme Court to accept Trump’s authority to decide immigration by Muslims or other groups.

Sessions has gotten a hostile Californian judge to agree that migrants can be detained with their child or children for 20 days. Trump’s aides are now considering using the 20-day rule in a new border policy which tells migrant men or women that they will be detained with their child or children for 20 days, but then must decide whether they want to go home or have their child sent to a shelter while the parents remain detained until their court cases are completed, in as little as 40 days....

Sessions has ordered his agency’s immigration-court judges to discard the pro-migration rules set by former President Barack Obama....

Sessions has also hired more judges, sped up the judicial process, and has almost halved the percentage of job-seeking migrants who are being allowed to stay in the United States....

In February, Sessions persuaded the Supreme Court that officials do not have to grant catch-and-release bail to migrants. He is now using that win to launch a legal process which will allow him to bar immigration-court judges from granting bail to migrants. That decision would ensure a dramatic increase in border detentions, but it could permanently block the cartel’s labor-smuggling business....