President Trump pardons Joe Arpaio

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Paul Mirengoff
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26 August 2017
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National News
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President Trump today issued a pardon to the man he calls “Sheriff Joe” — Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arpaio was convicted of failing to follow a court order to end the practice of detaining people based on the suspicion that they lack legal status and turning them over to the border patrol...

But if presidential pardons are going to be granted, and every modern president has granted them, it seems to me that Arpaio is a good candidate, basically for the reasons set forth by the White House. Sheriffs shouldn’t defy court orders. But in a real sense, Arpaio’s crime consists of being overzealous in combating illegal immigration.

It arose in the context of lack of zealousness on the part of the federal government. According to this account, the judge found Arpaio couldn’t detain those who lack legal status because that’s the federal government’s job. But the feds hadn’t been doing that job...

... there’s a pretty good argument that the prosecution of Arpaio was also political.

It was the highly politicized, left-wing Obama Justice Department that chose to prosecute Arpaio in connection with the hot button political issue of enforcing immigration laws. The judge whose order Arpaio defied apparently was satisfied with civil contempt. Team Obama went criminal on the octogenarian sheriff. And it did so, according to Arpaio’s lawyers, just two weeks before he stood for reelection.

The pardon thus can be said to represent a political end to a political case...



Trump pardons Arpaio, August 26, 2017:

President Trump just pardoned Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, a longtime target of race-baiting Marxists who hated the fact that he upheld the law as she is writ.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton -- a Clinton appointee -- slapped him with a criminal contempt of court ruling last month, which prompted Trump to issue a pardon. Neither Congress nor the Supreme Court can overturn.

It will be fun watching the liberals go all "law and order" over the pardon.

But a presidential pardon is law and it is order.

The Constitution and the 2016 election granted Donald John Trump the authority to pardon Joe Arpaio.

This is a use of that power, not an abuse.

Don't let the blankety-blanks re-frame this matter as some sort of over-reach.

The over-reach was by Judge Bolton who wanted to stop the sheriff from upholding the law.

He's 85. He has served the nation proudly, and the people of Arizona well.

But the media hates them because the media apes Democrats, and bleats and repeats their talking points...

Actually, the Founding Fathers realized that the courts could be used to railroad people -- that injustices occur that only a president can cure.

The judge abused her power.

President Trump just trumped her.

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