President Trump Sets Record for Giving Up the Most Net Worth While Selflessly Serving His Country

Article author: 
Joe Hoft
Article publisher: 
Gateway Pundit
Article date: 
11 April 2021
Article category: 
National News
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Forbes magazine came out with its current list of the world’s most wealthy and President Trump is on the list again.  However, the President’s net worth decreased by $1 billion during his Presidency.  No person in possibly world history has given up more net worth to serve his country....

This makes President Trump the most giving and selfless person in likely world history to give up the most net worth to serve his country....

President Trump clearly did for his country and gave to his country and put up with more garbage for his country than any politician in history.


President Trump did not profit from market boom in which he created, according to financial report, OAN, April 12, 2021.