The problem with ranked-choice voting

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Thomas Buckley
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American Thinker
Article date: 
13 February 2023
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Our American Future
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Ranked choice voting is the answer to a question only a bureaucrat would even think to ask.

To simplify, RCV is a voting method used most recently in the 2022 Alaskan congressional election which Sarah Palin notoriously lost -- that in theory blurps out a winner that is actually (really really trust us on this) the most representative of the wishes of the electorate.

This magic trick is accomplished by people voting for their first choice, second, etc. and then the numbers are added up and moved about and cut and pasted and then the registrar of voters announces a winner a few weeks after Election Day (here is a more technical description of the process from a D.C.-based group that supports the idea.)...

But the overly complicated specifics of the system may, in fact, be the least of its problems.

In reviewing pro-RCV articles and editorials and papers, one thing becomes very clear:  political insiders, especially of the “progressive” stripe, love it....

In an RCV election, the candidate wants to get the largest number of votes while infuriating the least number of voters; in other words, campaigns become more personality driven, more milquetoast, more sound bitey, less aggressive, less issue-oriented...

And they will be less likely to be the type of person who is inclined towards rocking the boat....

In other words, RCV is being supported by the very same forces that are intent on preserving the woke class in perpetuity and see RCV as a way to muddy the waters, confuse the public, and in fact tamp down direct participation in our governance.


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