Pueblo de los Santos

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Pedro Gonzalez
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American Greatness
Article date: 
24 October 2018
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National News
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Among the signs carried by the northbound invasion, one in particular stands out: “Pueblos Sin Fronteras.” This is the name of a group that organizes the so-called migrant caravans, but it also doubles as the raison d’être of the mob itself....

They do not march because they look fondly upon our country, its institutions, its values, or its culture. And, no, they are not “fleeing” the violence and poverty of the pueblo. Rather, what they want is to bring the pueblo to us. They are convinced that it is their manifest destiny to do so.

Americans tend to think only we put stock in our destiny, and we don’t like to think of ourselves as conquerable—and certainly not already conquered. But if we cannot control our borders, let alone have a say in who may live among us, what might we call that condition?


Who Are the 14,000 and Counting?

As it has done in so many other Western nations, neo-Marxist education .... We learn to see only the evil in ourselves, and the “good” in everyone else—even those who would destroy our civilization....
Yet here they come. As of Monday, they were 14,000-strong and screaming: “No one will stop us, only God.” And those Mexicans who we think only wish us well? They’re helping the invasion along, even joining it. Why wouldn’t they? Their president-elect told them that they have a “right” to violate our sovereignty....
Looking at pictures not handpicked by the managers of public opinion in the press, one cannot help but notice that these “migrants” are mostly young, military-aged males. Many of them appear angry, shouting, and scowling....
Then there is, of course, the media’s favorite: migrants with children. There are two kinds of people who would subject little children to this ordeal: those who have abducted them to try pose as “family units” at our border (there have been 400 such attempts this year), and failed parents who should be considered hideously immoral....

The “Saints” Go Marching In

... Ultimately, this swarm should serve as a telegram to us of what awaits if we do not change course on immigration.
According to a recent Gallup poll, 13 percent of the world’s adults—or more than 640 million people—say they would like to leave their country permanently, with 150 million responding that they would like to move to America....
In 1973, Jean Raspail published the prophetic Le Camp des Saints [The Camp of the Saints] after one day sitting on a beach in the South of France near Saint-Raphaël, in Vallauris. Raspail recalled looking out across the Mediterranean in 1971 and being struck by the terrible thought: “What if they were to come? I did not know who ‘they’ were, but it seemed inevitable to me that the numberless disinherited people of the South would, like a tidal wave, set sail one day for this opulent shore, our fortunate country’s wide-gaping frontier.”...
Immigration is not an issue in our time, it is the issue of our time.




Overpopulation is a key factor in perpetuating mass poverty in Central America, resulting in the predictable mass migration to more stable countries such as the United States. American women voluntarily reached replacement level fertility (2.1 children per woman) in 1972. Yet ironically Congress is forcing U.S. population to double within the lifetimes of children born today because of mass immigration.

In Central America, population momentum will cause its population to grow for decades after replacement level fertility is reached.