Pull Out Of Syria & Afghanistan - Use Money To Build A Wall

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Take the $50 billion we spent arming Jihadis, and use it to build a big wall to keep them out of America.
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Daniel Greenfield
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Freedom Outpost
Article date: 
22 December 2018
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National News
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The government faces a shutdown over Trump’s call for $5 billion for a wall. Meanwhile, the $8.6 billion we’ve spent on “humanitarian assistance” in Syria has never been challenged. Operation Inherent Resolve in Syria and Iraq was budgeted at $15.3 billion for FY2019. But that $5 billion can’t be found.

$2.2 billion was diverted from counterterrorism to arm and train Syrian Jihadis, some of whom were Muslim Brotherhood while others joined up with Al Qaeda...

We had $500 million to spend on training Syrian Jihadis in 2018, but nobody can find $5 billion to build a wall and keep Jihadis out of our country.

There was outrage when the Trump administration diverted $200 million for cross-border stabilization efforts… in Syria. That’s more than the $182 million the first 2,000 troops sent to the border cost. If Congress really can’t find $5 billion in an accounting error somewhere to build the wall, then it can find the money by withdrawing from Syria and using the cash we were going to spend on an RPG for Abdul....

We need to import democracy to this country by building a wall, not just because it will stop the dilution and suppression of American voters with fake districts and illegal votes, but because it will uphold the will of the people who elected President Trump to end nation building and build a wall.
And then, maybe once we’ve imported some democracy to America, we can think about exporting it.
But first, we can take the $50 billion we won’t be spending arming and protecting warlords and terrorists in Afghanistan and Syria, and use it to build a big wall to keep them from invading the United States.